One of the primary focuses of growing companies in the marketplace is how to develop and keep loyal customers. A large blunder in which a customer has a terrible experience and decides to never buy from you again may be avoidable with good training and policies, but what is unavoidable is the customer’s willingness to try new things.

Millennials are some of the most brand-loyal customers out there, but paradoxically, they are also the most willing to try new things. Novelty is powerful in today’s marketplace and when it’s paired with an incredible experience it’s enough to create new brand loyalty. Pair this with the fact that there is no shortage of new and novel businesses (especially in the Portland area, where Storify is located), and customer loyalty begins to become a difficult task.

There’s no need to explain the immense financial benefit that loyal customers bring to a business. We all understand how much income they provide. But instead, the focus should be on how to move beyond simply a product or experience to something deeper that can create even more loyalty.

This is where using a customer-centered story is crucial. With lifestyle as a primary motive to purchase, companies need to not only understand that lifestyle, but actively display it. Products and services are used to enable or enhance a certain lifestyle. The lifestyle probably already exists without a logo attached. Attaching the logo to the lifestyle should be the goal of every business and the largest, most competitive businesses already do this (e.g. Apple, Google, Facebook, Subaru, etc.). These companies understand the competitive arenas they are in and move beyond simply describing how the product operates, or even how it benefits the customer. Rather, they show how the product operates in the already-existing storyline that is their target customer’s lifestyle.

This methodology is not simple and easy. Customers operate at near Jedi-like awareness when it comes to advertising and they know when they are being sold to rather than listened to. To better understand how to navigate this complex but rewarding field of marketing, reach out to us here at Storify.

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