With people going to the ends of the earth and back to skip ads, one form of advertising has been able to continuously get in front of engaged audiences and rack up an increasing number of views and shares each year. Movie teasers have been able to almost entirely bypass the ad-skipping zeitgeist that has been sweeping the world over for the last decade. So why do movie teasers seem categorically different than traditional advertisements even if they still are, technically, ads? Part of this lies in the design of the teaser itself; something completely different than what most companies do when attempting to speak to their audience.

It isn’t uncommon today for a movie to gross over $100 million at the box office. While some of this can be attributed to teasers for a film being distributed across dozens of social media platforms in a variety of formats, it is the quality of design viewers get in the teaser itself that holds the key to the success. To be able to craft a visual story for a one and a half to two-hour film in under 3 minutes information must be well balanced with ambiguity. When viewers watch a teaser they aren’t getting the whole story, which is the point. We have all seen a bad teaser, one that gives away too much that we think we have figured out the other hour and 58 minutes. But a teaser that leaves us wanting forces us to go and see the movie if we want to truly understand the whole story.

One of the most powerful elements of a movie teaser that has undergone more change recently are the sound design elements. More and more you’re seeing teasers that are synchronizing sound effects like gunshots, whooshes and clicking to the actions or transitions on screen. Our minds begin synchronizing with this rhythm and once the visuals and the sounds are synchronized in our brain the easier it is for us to engage with the teaser which ultimately creates that want to see the movie.

Carefully synchronized sound design, a sprinkle of contextual information and a cloud of mystery is a powerful combination to get an audience not only interested, but willing to engage and make decisions. If you want people to engage with your brand more, try teasing.

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