There is a misconception in advertising that attention spans are ultimately shortening and that marketing should cater to this shrinking window. But this isn’t the case for many. There exists a wide swath of consumers that prefer substance and heart, over the flashy, obsolescent emptiness of many attention-seeking ads. The reasons people are not responding to this approach are various—but in large part it is because they are lost in a sea of advertisers using the same reductive tactics, and they aren’t sure who to trust, if anyone.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to customize and introduce your story, streamline your theme, photo-catalog your posts, curate your demographic, and contour your message into a compelling narrative to pair with your pictures and videos. When disseminated properly, and not overly, you can connect, guide, and convey your story into the consciousness of your audience, without being gimmicky.

The idea to stand out and be different can maximize the effect of what you’re endorsing, but if you’re standing out just for the sake of standing out, it can make you just like everyone else. If you have no redeemable story cred, you don’t have narrative foundations to build on. You have to ask if you’ve given a piece of yourself to reach out and chase what your followers are interested in, it has to be personal enough for them to care.

Being straightforward with finesse is essential. Story hits people from that angle; an emotional angle, and builds that momentum with every turn, seductively and gently guiding it home to be nestled by the warmth and affection of your niche. You want to attract people with depth, a conscious, and emotion in order to interact with them and have them grow stories of their own. This can lead to high-quality, loyal clients who see your company as an aspect of their lifestyle. Don’t distract, attract—and keep them focused on what’s coming next.

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