When we really started recognizing Coronavirus as a real threat, and when toilet paper ceased to exist on store shelves, many business owners and marketers were met with a tough decision. Was it distasteful to keep pushing the same social media, blog, or advertising content with thousands of people getting sick and millions more in a state of panic? Companies seemed to freeze for a moment before some came back to reality.

Now that we have adapted to our new self-isolating lifestyle a bit more, companies are resuming their content. Some companies are actually creating more content than ever before, and that is exactly what they need to be doing. Creating content right now, and doubling down on the volume, is the best thing that struggling companies can spend their resources on right now. Sales may be down, but releasing valuable content over the next 3 to 9 months could result in a much-needed increase in revenue.

Here are 3 great reasons to be creating right now!

Your Clients Will Come Back Eventually

Right now, many of your clients have probably put contracts on hold or aren’t actively buying from you. But that’s not going to last forever. Even though the month of March felt like it lasted for an entire year, this pandemic will end eventually and business will start to pick up. And when it does, it’s important for the health of your company that you are on your client’s minds. Creating and releasing valuable content now means that you are constantly reminding clients that you still care.

There’s One Thing People Stuck at Home Want Right Now

What have you been doing during self-isolation? Instead of going out to dinner, you’ve been putting on a movie. Instead of watching sports, you’ve been playing video games. Instead of spending time with friends, you’ve been reading books. People need entertainment right now, and your business can help provide that. Creating valuable and entertaining content will catch the attention of potential customers now more than ever. Providing a good content experience for them will once again keep you in their minds. If you can, provide strong calls to action that can inspire your readers. They don’t have to be purchase CTAs, and really they shouldn’t be unless it’s incredibly relevant. Instead, give readers the resources or inspiration they need to work on a new project of their own that can keep them entertained.

Give Customers Ideas Without Selling Them

Customers may not be purchasing as much right now, as they attempt to be more frugal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide any value to them. It can be incredibly valuable to create content that inspires customers and lets them enjoy their time in self-isolation. They have cabin fever, and their kids are restless. They need activities, and providing those to customers will keep you fresh in their minds.

Here are some ideas:

  • If you’re an interior designer, offer free one-on-one calls with your current clients to discuss ideas for their dream home.
  • If you’re a crafting blog, provide detailed instructions for a new craft, along with downloadable templates or patterns.
  • If you sell children’s toys, make a video about fun activities you can do at home without the need for specific toys.

Creating content right now will benefit your company in the long run. Your clients and customers will appreciate the attention you give them, while other companies abandon their content streams. And if you need help creating any of that content, don’t hesitate to reach out to Storify. Like everyone, our contracts have been impacted by the pandemic, meaning we have plenty of bandwidth for focusing on you!