Discover how we gave this 62 year old engineering firm a fresh, modern identity. With over 48 team members and hundreds of large clients operating sophisticated commercial buildings, it was time to evolve their story in a way that matched their ambitions.

NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. is a leader in the industry, providing engineering services supplemental to design and installation that ensure high performance building systems become reality.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Narrative style interview video

3. Landing page design and optimization

4. Digital ad placement

5. Custom illustration

Custom landing page

Do The Right Thing

Storify developed a series of video interviews aimed at softening the perception of engineers tasked with commissioning, testing, and certifying buildings for operation. This work can reveal flaws and errors in building systems which, even though critical in preserving both building integrity and human life, can raise costly concerns for building owners. We determined that projecting a friendly, helpful, and duty-driven character for the firm would help assuage concerns that the engineers were a boogeyman to be feared.

We titled the campaign "Do the Right Thing" and laid out a strategy for solidifying a reputation for integrity.

Their customer insights were ready for A/B testing. We optimized a landing page in 5 different versions, collecting data on how it was used and what elements were most successful in driving traffic to their RFP portal.

NWESI asked as to help

— Revitalize their image

— Improve overall branding quality

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of their service

— Improve internal marketing efforts with a strategy and assets that could be deployed consistently as needed

Creating a landing page with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing conversions. Together with the NWESI team, we created a simple digital sales funnel that is ready to be scaled according to their needs.

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